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Climate change is scary, but what can I do to help?
How could my actions ever make a difference?
How can we make big companies consider the environment?
It’s hard to know which products are truly sustainable.

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That’s why we created Melio. It helps you to…

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Hover over a leaf to see the CO2 emissions of any product online, and the sustainability practices of the brand.


Wherever You Go Online

Whether you’re browsing Amazon or researching products on YouTube and blogs, Melio can provide the information you need to make an informed choice, and even recommend greener alternatives.


Even Travel

It’s best to fly less. But when you need to fly, Melio can help you find the flight with the lowest possible emissions for your destination on Kayak or Google Flights.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create Melio?
We're trying to help to accelerate the systemic changes necessary to address the climate crisis. We believe that people are essential to creating systemic change, and that if we can get enough people making slightly better decisions, then businesses with the power to influence climate policies and global trends will see the impact to their bottom line, and be motivated to get aggressive with their climate policies and transparent with their data.

To learn more about us and what we stand for, you can read our Melio Group Introduction.
Where do Melio's recommendations come from?
Melio’s recommendations represent the best options in terms of both greenhouse gas emissions and company sustainability practices, when compared to similar items. Our CO2 estimates either come directly from the companies or from our own models, which are based on public greenhouse gas datasets and peer-reviewed science. For companies, we consider long-term environmental strategies as well as current sustainability practices, using publicly-available information sources like CDP scorecards, Science Based Targets, renewable energy and green supply chain targets, as well as various certifications for sustainability practices.

To learn more about how our recommendations work, see Melio Data Sources & Methodology.
How does Melio calculate CO2 emissions?
When companies publish emissions data, we use it directly. We want to pressure as many companies as possible to do this, but unfortunately there are very few companies that are transparent about carbon footprints today.

When there is no product data available directly from a company, we start with a general emissions estimate based on the product category, sourced from credible entities like ADEME and EXIOBASE. We then augment this initial estimate by modeling product-to-product emissions variations based on secondary product characteristics that we can find on the webpage, such as price, weight, and materials.

Flight emissions estimates use an approach rooted in well-established peer-reviewed science that forms the basis for the modelling used by the International Civil Aviation Organization. It considers a variety of factors which include the flight distance, aircraft type, cabin class, passenger and cargo load factors, holding patterns, and non-aircraft infrastructure emissions, among others.

To learn more about how our calculations work, see Melio Data Sources & Methodology.
What data do you collect from users and what do you do with it?
Our goal is to keep data as anonymous as possible. We want to help you to make better decisions for yourself, but we have absolutely no interest in your personal details. What we do collect is anonymized product data from the websites we support, and anonymized metrics on how you're interacting with our solution. We haven't undergone a detailed security & privacy audit, but our design since day one has prioritized preserving user privacy.
How can I request support for a product or website?
Just ask us! Here are some ways you can get in touch with us:
  • Join our Reddit discussion board: r/Melio_Group
  • Click on the leaf icon in your browser bar to submit product feedback.
  • Send us an email at: .
How can I help?
There are lots of ways you can help out!
  • Use it! The more users we have, the more we are able to learn and improve, and the bigger an impact we can create.
  • Spread the word. Tell your friends about Melio, or share your experience with others online.
  • Let us know your thoughts or suggestions with an email to: .

Together we can make an impact

Companies listen when enough people speak with their actions. Imagine if just 5% of purchases went to products and companies doing better instead?

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